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If you haven’t been able to make it Open Channel’s live Framed seminars or to the Generation Next conferences, then you might be interested in hearing the Open Channel Podcast. The free Open Channel Podcast includes Open Channel’s Framed seminars, plus highlights from the Generation Next conferences in one handy series. From your first idea to scripting, funding, shooting, distribution and more. Open Channel presents industry professionals discussing all aspects of film, television and multi-media production.

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A new generation of micro budget filmmakers have emerged. They are breaking all the rules, exceeding expectations and redefining Australia’s cinema landscape. Open Channel brought many of them together at the Generation Next: Micro Movie Conference to tell how it’s done.

NOTE: Some speakers attended the conference via video conference link, so audio quality may vary.

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Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015. Acclaimed documentary maker Amiel Courtin-Wilson spoke from Tokyo in a special pre-recorded video message, then Richard Harris talks about the South Australian Film Corporation’s FilmLab project.


Which ideas make for great microbudget movies? With Katrina Sedgwick (ACMI); Kiah Roache-Turner (Wyrmwood); Sophie Hyde (52 Tuesdays); Chris Kamen (Small is Beautiful.) Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.

What do you need to develop a great micro movie script? With Dr Ian Dixon, (Crushed); Sandy Cameron (The Infinite Man); Aaron Wilson (Canopy); Dame Hill (Pawno.) Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.

Dr Greg Ferris talks to Stuart Simpson (Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla); Glenn Maynard (CSV): Ben Plazzer (The Heckler); and Alkinos Tsilimidos (Em4Jay) about working with actors. Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.

Andrea Buck talks to Julie Byrne (Touch, The Dead Speak Back); Jonathan Roper (The Babadook); Shaun Miller and Rick Chen (Pozible) about finding the money to finance your micro-budget movie. Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.Download

GENERATION NEXT MICROBUDGET: Global Lessons for Local Creatives. Christine Rogers (I am Evangeline) talks to Jamie Houge (Sugar Mountain, Blinder); Steve Mitchell (The Heckler); Chris Pender (The Dream Children); and Rob Mond (The Subjects) about the creative ramifications of making a micro-budget movie for a global audience. Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.Download

GENERATION NEXT MICROBUDGET: Production Value On A Shoestring. How do you achieve high production values with a limited budget? Jane Corden talks to Jesse O’Brien (Arrowhead); Matthew Holmes (Legend of Ben Hall); Jessica Pearce (Legend of Ben Hall); Maggie Miles (Van Diemen’s Land) and Shane Burrell (Final Post.) Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.Download

GENERATION NEXT MICROBUDGET: The Microbudget Decision. US independant filmmakers Kimberley Dilts and JT Arbogast talk to Kylie Eddie via video-conference about making why they decided to go from low budget to micro budget. Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.Download

GENERATION NEXT MICROBUDGET: The Made-to-Order Feature. In this Barbara Connell spoke via video conference to UK producer Olivier Kampfer about how new modes of funding, marketing and distribution can bring audiences and filmmakers together. Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.Download

GENERATION NEXT MICROBUDGET: Foresighting. Strategic Foresight facilitators Tim Kreibig and Stephen Reimann imagine the future of microbudget movie making in Victoria and worldwide. This session was sponsored by Innovation and Business Skills Australia. Recorded live at the Generation Next: Microbudget conference 2015.Download

Previous Podcasts

FRAMED 2015: The Katering Show
Simon Britton speaks with Producer Tamasin Simpkin and Social Media Manager Zoë Harrold about developing and marketing the successful online series The Katering Show.
Recorded at Open Channel, May 2015

FRAMED 2014: These Final Hours
Ros Walker talks with Writer/Director Zak Hilditch and producer Liz Kearney on the making and success of thier critically acclaimed feature film, These Final Hours.
Recorded at Open Channel, November 2014.


FRAMED 2014: Shooting Shorts on a Shoestring
Recorded Live at the St Kilda Film Festival 2014, four filmmakers share their tips and tricks to making a high quality, compelling short film on a small budget and getting it seen.
Panellists include producer Andrea Distefano (The Globe Collector, Bran Nue Dae), producer, director Donna McRae (Johnny Ghost, Lonesome Dog Blues), producer Tom Davies (Dinner for Three) and producer, director Summer DeRoche (The Globe Collector, Small). Moderated by Caroline Waters (Open Channel).

FRAMED 2014: Screen Producers Australia
Open Channel invited Matthew Deaner, Executive Director of Screen Producers Australia, and producer Dan Lake to talk about the work done by the Screen Producers Australia, and the role of a producer in the larger context of the Screen Industry.
Recorded live at Framed April 2014.

FRAMED 2014: I Am Evangeline: Making a Low Budget Feature
Producer Jonathan Roper and writer/director Christine Rogers share their experiences and discuss the process of creating their low budget, independent sci-fi feature film, I Am Evangeline. This Framed session looks at the challenges involved in funding, developing, making and marketing an independent feature film in the Australian market.
Recorded live at Framed March 2014

GENERATION NEXT: In Conversation with Mark Fennessy and Rory Callaghan
Mark Fennessy (CEO, Shine Australia) and Rory Callaghan (Executive Director, Shine Australia) have unparalleled experience in entertainment and format television. In this conversation with Stephen Luby they look back at the changing face of unscripted television production in Australia.
Recorded live at the Generation Next: Facing Up to Reality conference.

FRAMED 2013: What Next?
So you’ve made your short film, finished your course or written that feature, now find out how to forge your pathway to a career in the screen industry. A panel of young industry professionals give insight to the many opportunities available for early career filmmakers.
Recorded live at Framed December 2013.

GENERATION NEXT: Big Brother Unmasked
Stephen Luby talks to Deb Stewart, Consultant EP on Big Brother, about the process of putting together a major reality show every week, and how the right casting, writing and editing transforms ordinary people and events into prime time entertainment.Download

GENERATION NEXT: Truth is Stronger than Fiction
Making factual stories into compelling and entertaining television. This discussion was recorded at the Generation Next: Facing up to Reality conference of December 2013. The speakers are Craig Graham (RPA, Border Security) Lucy MacLaren (Immigration Nation, Dirty Business) and Paul Kalina (The Age)


GENERATION NEXT: The Transmedia Story
Highlights from the Generation Next Conference, Part Three. How to make your ideas live outside the broadcast schedule by taking them into an immersive, interactive environment.

GENERATION NEXT: Writing For Animation
Highlights from the Generation Next Conference, Part Two. Acclaimed author Graeme Base and writers from Lampshade Collective, Media World Pictures and Sticky Pictures discuss writing for animation.

FRAMED 2013: The Perfect Pitch
An insight into the elements needed to make a compelling and persuasive pitch for your project with writer/performer Tim Ferguson and producer Stephen Luby.

GENERATION NEXT: Getting Your Idea Funded
Highlights from the Generation Next Conference, Part One. Speakers from Beyond Productions, The ACTF, Film Victoria and Screen Australia discuss “Getting Your Idea Funded.” What funds are there to invest in a good idea and what do you need to demonstrate to get these funds committed?

FRAMED 2013 #2
So You Wanna Be a Filmmaker

FRAMED 2013 #1
A Little Bit of Hollywood Comes to Open Channel

FRAMED 2010 #9
In the Bank: How to get your first screen credit.

FRAMED 2010 #8
Summer Coda – case study with Writer/Director Richard Gray & Producer John Finemor

FRAMED 2010 #7
Lawyers, Guns and Mothering with Entertainment Lawyer Shaun Miller

FRAMED 2010 #6
Production Design with Penny Southgate, Ben Morieson and Julie Belle

FRAMED 2010 #5
72 Hour Feature – Filmmaking with James Fair and Gary Hoctor

FRAMED 2010 #4
Turnaround TV with Bruce Kane (Spicks & Specks) and Mark Gibson (The Circle)

FRAMED 2010 #3

FRAMED 2010 #2
Creative Managers Build Creative Careers with Jacinta Waters and Daniel Scharf

FRAMED 2010 #1
Top DOPs – Behind the Lens with Cinematographers David Parker, Tim Maloney and John Brawley