Find or Network with emerging filmmakers on our Facebook groups

Our Facebook groups are a great way to interact with other filmmakers.

You can post on the appropriate group page here:

Screenwriting Group    Camera Group    Transmedia & VR Group    Producing Group

TV & Internet Video Group    Editing Group    Directing Group    Design Group    Sound Group

We also recommend these other local groups:

Don’t you Have Docs (Documentary)     Melbourne Animators Society     TV Broadcasting Freelancers      Melbourne Actors Meetup

Looking for crew?

We don’t have a crew database of our members at present (i.e. camera operators, editors etc) but here’s a list of handy websites that can help people find crew in Melbourne


Want to crew?

Crew on student productions. Some schools (e.g. VCA) hold an annual crewing night to get on board.

If you have some experience, you can also check out our industry Attachments program.


Seeking professional crew for an immediate job?

Freelancers Promotions is Melbourne’s premier crew booking agency, representing highly skilled screen technicians. They can assist you if you are seeking to employ paid crew for your production. Freelancers Promotions does not accept applications for representation from emerging technicians, however if you are highly skilled and work in an area ‘in demand’, then you can submit a case for representation.