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From Toddlers to Teens and Multi-Screens

The Generation Next series of Conferences kicked off its third year with an insight into the Tech Savvy Generation!

Open Channel were excited to announce an exciting line of speakers and sessions. Included were: The Walt Disney Company, Turner Broadcasting Australia / New Zealand, ABC Kids, SLR Productions, Penguin Group, Moody Street Kids, ACTF, ABC Content Sales, Beyond Screen Production, Studio Ish and many more.

Supported by Film Victoria and Screen Australia, The Generation Next series of conferences are designed to serve as the launch pad for establishing the future community of Victorian screen and gaming practitioners.

The GENERATION NEXT KIDS CONFERENCE was held at Docklands Studios on the 22nd and 23rd July 2013.

The conference included sessions on Co-producing in Asia, Storytelling in the Digital Space, Getting Your Idea Financed and also looked at the Gaming Arena.

Open Channel Executive Director Marc Gracie commented:
“Our Generation Next Kids Conference will explore the bedrock of our screen industry – the major market of kids, teens and interactive entertainment. This tech savvy audience is at the heart of the next evolution of our industry, they are fully immersed in a multi-screen and interactive environment. It is important that we as creators understand this market so we can ensure our content and ideas are ready to connect with a new set of consumers”

Film Victoria CEO, Jenny Tosi said “Film Victoria is thrilled to support Open Channel’s Generation Next Kids Conference. Building on the great success of the previous Generation Next events, this conference provides an opportunity for early-career screen practitioners with a keen interest in developing compelling digital content for children and teens to develop their skills and learn from successful professionals working in this area of content creation. Open Channel has again assembled a great line up of talented speakers and panellists and we congratulate the team for organising another inspiring event for Victoria’s next generation of practitioners”

You can listen to some of the highlights from this conference via the Open Channel Podcast.

Photos from the Generation Next Kids Conference available at: Flickr

July 22nd and 23rd 2013
Docklands Studios
476 Docklands Drive
Docklands Vic 3008