In Conversation with the makers of Glitch

Glitch has been hailed as the ABC’s attempt at filling the notable gap in the Australian market for a high-concept, epic drama series parallel to the likes of the highly successful shows coming out of HBO and Netflix. The series follows the stories of six people who have mysteriously returned from the dead in the fictional Australian small town of Yoorana.

Following the initial broadcast of the series’ first episode in July on ABC TV, the entire series was released on iView, allowing audiences to “binge watch” all six 60 minute episodes without having to wait for a weekly television broadcast.

We spoke to Producer – Ewan Burnett, Lead Writer / Producer – Louise Fox, and Actor – Daniela Farinacci, about their involvement in the development and production of the series.

Panellists: Ewan Burnett (Producer)
Louise Fox (Lead Writer / Producer)
Daniela Farinacci (Actor)

Where: Open Channel, 476 Docklands Drive, Docklands VIC 3008
When: Thursday, 15th October – 6.30pm
Cost: Open Channel Members: Free / Non-Members: $10