Framed: 31 August 2016

Framed: Casting on a Budget with Erin Banks (StarNow)

On August 31, 2016 Open Channel in partnership with leading casting platform, StarNow, presented a practical and information-packed casting workshop with Senior Casting Manager, Erin Banks.

We were thrilled to be hosting Erin as a special guest from NZ to present this one-off session, free to attend for Open Channel members and attendees of the Generation Next: Screen Creators’ Conference.

Erin is the Senior Casting Manager at global casting platform StarNow, and has been a professional actress in New Zealand for over 12 years. With her experience from both sides of the industry, she shares practical advice for filmmakers aiming to cast great talent for their projects on a shoestring budget.

When: Wednesday, 31st August
Time: 6.00pm
Where: Docklands Studios

** Erin was also a guest at the Generation Next: Screen Creators Conference, proudly supported by StarNow**