Yarnin Survival Day Celebrations in Warrnambool

Yarnin Indigenous documentaries premiere at SURVIVAL DAY celebrations in Warrnambool

MargaretYarnin Pictures in association with Open Channel presented the first films of the series: Yarnin – A History of Land Rights in Victoria. at Gunditjmara Survival Day, 26 January 2013 in Warrnambool.

Yarnin was conceived by Bobby Nicholls, Rebecca McLean and John Harding and is produced in conjunction with Open Channel.

A mobile training program, Yarnin travels throughout Victoria working with local Aboriginal communities to record their history of Land Rights from an insider’s perspective. The program records detailed interviews from which short documentaries are produced and screened online, and on other platforms.

Supported by Film Victoria, the Australian Government through the Office of the Arts and the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, the aim of Yarnin is to record audio-visual history whilst training a new generation of Indigenous filmmakers and journalists. This is the first time Aboriginal Land Rights in Victoria has been fully explored in a concise and detailed media project.

The Tarerer Gunditj Survival Day Concert and cultural festival event was officially launched with a WELCOME TO COUNTRY, followed by the launch of the Yarnin documentaries by Aboriginal activists Bobby Nicholls and John Harding, and Producer Rebecca McLean. Local bands performed well into the night.

Open Channel Executive Director Marc Gracie comments, “Open Channel is proud to be a part of the Yarnin Project – a significant film project which serves to both preserve our important Aboriginal cultural heritage for future generations, and also to train the next generation of Indigenous filmmakers here in Victoria.”