Directing Actors Masterclass July



Are you an emerging Director looking to develop your craft in working with Actors? We are running a three day intensive course with Director Alkinos Tsilimidos, on his unique process of working with actors that will help you develop your preparation and communication skills as you workshop your script with a professional cast.

You will learn how to:

  • Analyse a script
  • Cast and audition
  • Elicit performance
  • Find your directing style
  • Collaborate with actors
  • Work with casting Directors
  • Conduct auditions
  • Conduct rehearsals and block through on set
  • Create the right atmosphere on set
  • Affect performance in the edit

Acclaimed independent director, writer and producer Alkinos Tsilimidos has been critically acclaimed for his six feature films, has directed many of Australia’s finest screen actors and is rightly considered one of Australia’s most important contemporary directors. He is widely known as ‘the actor’s director’ for his ability to deliver striking performances of raw emotional intensity and for his uncompromising approach to telling stories of social relevance with honesty and integrity.

This is an intensely collaborative workshop where you will receive constructive criticism from the facilitator, from professional actors and your classmates.

The course is by selection and prior experience in Directing is recommended. There are only 8 places available, so get in quick!

“I’ve learned more from this short course than I have from an entire year at film school” – Amy, participant in Directing Actors 

Past actors have included:

John Brumpton (The Loved Ones, Red Hill, Dance me to my Song, Underbelly)

Brendan Cowell ( I Love You Too, The Slap, Howszat! Kerry Packer’s War)

Samuel Johnson (Secret Life of Us, Paper Giants: Magazine Wars, Underbelly)

Laura Gordon (Bed of Roses, Saw V, Em 4 Jay)

Sarah Hallam (Rush, City Homicide, Blind Company)

Georgia Bolton (Tangle, Knowing, Noise)

Daniel Frederiksen (Summer Coda, Stingers, Blue Heelers, Ghost Rider)

Wendy Bos (Hawke, McLeod’s Daughters)

Ashley Zukerman (Rush, The Slap, Lowdown, The Pacific)

“You can talk all you like about the theories of directing, but to be given the space, the teaching and the actors who can help realise what works and what doesn’t in live situations, is the best way to learn.” – Marcella, participant in Directing Actors

More information can be found here

workshop participant directing actors

Workshop participant directing a scene




Samuel Johnson




Sarah Hallam and Brendan Cowell performing a tense scene.