Open Channel delivers 3 day film training program at Al-Taqwa College

Open Channel teams up with Al-Taqwa College


The Open Channel mobile training unit visited Al-Taqwa College last year to run a 3 day intensive, involving 12 students who were selected for the course through winning a school-run short film competition. Teacher Michael Harding describes the experience:

“We worked closely with the trainers to design a three day film training program for our students. As the first point of contact, the Open Channel trainers introduced our staff to the possible formats of the course, and communicated the opportunities that would be provided to our students.

Open Channel coordinated the involvement of additional film professionals, who worked as a team to deliver practical filmmaking activities. The tight three-day schedule was necessitated by the ‘crowded’ secondary school curriculum, and they worked very hard to ensure that all projects were completed to a high level, despite the time limitations placed by the school on the project. Information and skills were effectively conveyed to students, and cross-age groups formed so as to maximise learning opportunities.

Open Channel willingly contributed time to an additional day of planning and training, allowing students to begin the course with the requisite knowledge and clear expectations.

It was very impressive to observe the ways in which Open Channel worked to develop the students’ initial videos – made without teacher support – into new and improved works of narrative cinema. By making the effort to understand the students’ films, the tutors were in a position to recommend improvements and suggest new ways of delivering the competition theme of The Importance of Prayer.

Al-Taqwa is a coeducational, Islamic school, and as a non-Muslim, Open Channel’s interpretation of this theme has been commended by the College community. Open Channel’s tutor confidence, sensitivity, and clear communication are testament to their skills as trainers and filmmakers. Students were highly engaged throughout the training program, and will keenly use their learnt skills to develop visual media into the future.”

Michael Harding
Art Domain Leader