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Paul WaltonPaul Walton joined Princess Pictures in 2012 and became a partner in the business in 2014. He started his career as a child actor, and has been a part of the international film industry for almost 30 years. His resume is made up of British shows such as Heartbeat, A Touch of Frost and Casualty and numerous Australian feature films, including Macbeth,, Charlie and Boots, Long Weekend and I Love You Too.

Paul’s in-depth production experience, coupled with a creative vision and leadership qualities are reflected in every project he is involved with, no matter how large or small the budgets are. Paul’s recent commitment Princess Pictures cements a relationship with the company, which started on their debut feature film I Love You Too.

Paul oversees the entire Princess slate and have been hands on as a Producer on various projects including It’s A Date seasons 1 & 2, Stand Up @ Bella Union, 8MMM, Open Slather and The Divorce. Paul’s commitment to the industry goes beyond just making. He is a mentor for emerging creators, actors and producers and has contributed to the SPA One’s To Watch program.