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Jack Fitzgerald Medium

Sometimes when I stand up too fast I get a bit lightheaded and dizzy for a few seconds. This probably only happens every five or sixths months though, so I’m not really concerned about it, I don’t ‘identify’ as someone who is prone to dizziness, I just assume this happens to everyone, does that seem weird, do you think I should worry about it?

Anyway, I’m developing a Drag Queen Space Opera web series with my writing partner Toly Shapiro, so if you know anything about writing or producing content with a strong Australian, Sci-Fi, Queer or Comedic voice, we should become best friends. At the very least, you should let me buy you a coffee so you can give me your honest feedback. If you’re a Director, even better.

I’m a Deakin Film Graduate, the ch31 sitcom production Malice Aforethought being the jewel or my creative portfolio. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvi_2cOF7btL1ltp395zxfcXdyPX-RTOS