Geof Spalding

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Geof Spalding

Novelist making the crossover to screen. I have written a number of scripts and a short film “Mirror Man” (a link on my Starnow profile). A Sci Fi feature I wrote has recently been optioned. I am happy to send samples. Two in particular, show the range of my writing, a small budget Sci Fi or a big budget fantasy adventure which has been performed on stage. I know 3 act structure, hero’s journey, & sequence structure. I write because I have to; stories capture me and I run with them.

Sci Fi, Horror, Supernatural scripts. First Wave-micro budget, minimal locations & special effects. A group of friends find ancient cave paintings in an area where they shouldn’t exist. When one is murdered the weird paintings are the least of their problems. ASCENSION-People are disappearing. A serial killer or something more? Battle weary detective infiltrates a cult to investigate children being abducted but what he finds is beyond him. Looking for producer & director.