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Fergus GradyHaving graduated with a bachelor of Media Communications (Majoring in Film Theory), Fergus worked in the Australian Film/TV production industry as a sound engineer for five years on a range of projects scaling from the most expensive budgeted TV show at the time Band of Brothers: The Pacific to the award winning ultra-low budget Australian film Face to Face.

Upon furthering his post-graduate education, Fergus interned at Los Angeles based distribution consultancy IFDC (International Film Distribution Consultancy) and worked his way up to the position of Acquisitions Assistant. Fergus moved back to Melbourne to take up a position at Umbrella Entertainment where he is now Head of Acquisitions and Theatrical.

Fergus is a story producer with four projects in development as well as being attached to Executive Produce a number of films that are currently in pre-production: Rip Tide, The Merger, Honey Ant Dreamers, Maestro, How to talk Australians, Cargo, and a Kasey Chambers documentary.

Website: http://www.umbrellaentfilms.com.au/