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Emily Harridge

Founder of Visual Playground, Emily Harridge has over 18 years experience in broadcast design, production and animation.

With skill and determination, Emily has been building her reputation and that of the Visual Playground since 2002. Critical to this success is a constant focus on creative direction, staying up-to-date with new technology and hiring highly talented digital artists. Professional in every sense of the word, Emily Harridge clearly understands every aspect of production from location to the edit suite, combining live action footage, logos, opening titles, music, motion graphics and vfx to create strong and unique visual sequences with lasting impact and value.

Emily is passionate about Virtual Reality which has led to the formation of Plato Reality a new company dedicated to immersive storytelling in VR and is the co-organiser of the popular Real World VR event held regularly at Loop Project Space and Bar.

Website: http://visualplayground.com.au