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Brendan Campbell

Brendan has been involved in the Australian Film & Television business since the Mid 80’s.

First starting out as a Production Runner, progressing through all the various Assistant Director Roles and is now a very busy Line Producer.

He has worked all over Australia and also Internationally. Having spent twentyfive years as a First Assistant Director, a large part of his working life has been spent on sets with crew sizes from 5 or 6 thru to a couple of hundred people.

He’s been lucky enough to be involved in some of Australia’s most successful TV dramas from Flying Doctors, Underbelly, Nowhere Boys thru to Barracuda. He has also been involved in Feature Films such as Ghost Rider, Ned Kelly, Narnia- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader & more recently Cutsnake.

He has a wealth of experience and some great stories to share.