Script Supervision

Dates & Times22-23 April 2017
Contact Hours12
FeeMember price: $280 + GST / Non-member price: $320 + GST
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The Script Supervisor is a critical part of the storytelling process.
Working closely with the Director and Editor, the Script Supervisor is responsible for the coherence of the finished film, and needs patience and a keen eye for detail.

  • Provide script consultancy
  • Break down and time the script
  • Be an on-set resource on the script, and support the Director’s role
  • Understand eye-lines and “crossing the line”
  • Mark up scripts and create options for the editor
  • Supervise continuity, create reports and liaise with other Departments
  • Build a career in this role

Visit the Script Supervision Course blog for more details.

Who should do this course?
People interested in the crew role of continuity, aspiring directors and editors wanting to understand the craft and how to utilise it for better results.

Where can I go after this course?
Continue in your chosen field with a greater understanding of the skills utilised in the Script Supervisor role, or work in the role in semi-professional films prior to applying to work as a professional Script Supervisor. Opportunities may also exist in broadcast television production.

How do I Enrol?

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Sabi has over 10 years experience in Script Supervision with credits on all seasons of House Husbands, Winners & Losers, Mr & Mrs Murder, Chris Lilley’s Angry Boys, Rush, Lowdown, Laid, etc, the feature films 100 Bloody Acres, The Court of Lonely Royals, The Academy, and numerous short films, commercials, and multi platform projects. She has also Directed and Produced a number of short films, music videos and documentaries, her short film Destin winning government funding and local awards. She is also the Producer/Director of the multicultural music series bric-a-brac.  Sabi earned a BA in Film and the Student of the Year Award from Curtin University in Perth, and a Graduate Certificate in Directing and Writing from AFTRS. She has taught Editing classes with the Multicultural Hub and has been a regular guest lecturer with the VCA for the last 5 years. Since 2013 she’s been implementing the Script Supervision module in the curriculum of the 1st year Directing and Writing students at VCA.

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