‘Cheeky Monkey’ Comedy Writing with Tim Ferguson


Level: Beginner to Advanced
Date/s & times: Register interest by emailing your contact details to info@openchannel.org.au
You will then be emailed next time we run a Comedy Writing course.
Contact hours: 24
Places: 10
Fee: tbc

Do you have the next big comedy idea, but don’t know where to start?

Open Channel is offering this introductory course in writing comedy for people with no experience, but with great ideas.

Led by comedy legend Tim Ferguson (Doug Anthony All Stars, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush) and based on his best selling book Cheeky Monkey on the art of writing comedy, this unique course is suited to anyone writing comedy, including screen genres such as mockumentary and sitcom.

Tim will reveal the secrets of the comedy trade!

Learn how to:

  • Build comic characters
  • Structure funny stories
  • Apply the time-honoured principles of joke-writing
  • Create the successful blur between reality and fiction in a Mockumentary
  • Find out whether your project is a film or TV series
  • Pitch your concepts to producers and TV networks

Tips, principles and how-to sessions will show how to write comedy for a domestic or international audience. In a competitive industry, this course offers screenwriters a new income stream beyond drama-writing. Comedy pays better, and it’s more fun. This comprehensive course focussing on comedy writing is the only one of its kind in Australia.

Who should do this course?
People interested in writing new comedy for TV, film or other forms.

Where can I go after this course?
Participants can develop comedy pitches for Open Channel initiatives such as Raw Nerve and Short and Sharp Pitching competition.


Tim Ferguson
The course is taught by Tim Ferguson, Australia’s internationally-acclaimed ‘Comedy Doctor’. For over twenty years, Tim has toured the world performing stand-up and musical comedy, as well as writing sitcom and comedy films (Doug Anthony Allstars, Daas Kapital, DAAS LOVE [UK], Viva! [UK], 01 For London [UK], Friday Night Live [UK], Juste Pour Rire Specials [HBO], The Edinburgh Years, Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush, Unreal TV, Shock Jock [Aus, UK]). Tim is a consultant in narrative comedy and script development for Australia’s top production companies and networks. He’s one of the nation’s busiest corporate event and conference performers.

Testimonials from New Writers:

“Tim’s course de-mystified the mechanics of what makes comedy work. It’s like having a doctor explain how to make people laugh. His insights are essential if you’re serious about comedy (but don’t be too serious…)”
Steve Mitchell, Screenwriter & Comedian

“So many lightbulb moments, I had to put on sunglasses. This course is revolutionary – a whole new way to look at comedy.”
Leisl Egan, Television Writer

“Tim explained how comedy works in such a clear and simple way. Made me realise I can do this!! I’m now writing my own romantic comedy movie and two sitcoms. As for stand-up – watch this space!”
Mark Ryan, Screenwriter

“It’s like a Jedi course for comedy, though Tim is a few heads taller than Yoda.”
May Yeung, Screenwriter