Andrea-BuckAndrea is co-founder of The Picture Tank and has been working in film and TV for over two decades in production, development, writing, marketing and distribution. After spending 12 years working between South Africa and Los Angeles she returned home to Melbourne, with five feature credits to her name, including Running Wild with Brooke Shields and Martin Sheen. In 2007 she produced and was instrumental in the DIY marketing and distribution of The Jammed, alongside distribution start-up Titan View. The Jammed was considered by some of our leading critics to be the best Australian film of the year, achieved the highest opening week screen average of any independent Australian film in history, achieving $63,000 on a single screen, growing to 42 screens and a twenty week run. Among other awards it won Best script, Best Film, Best Music at the IF awards, 7 AFI nominations. She recently completed a Masters in Screen Art and Business at AFTRS, and furthering her thesis research she actively promotes data transparency in the film industry with a desire to empower independent filmmakers. She continues to develop and produce film and television projects and corporate content at The Picture Tank.

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